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BCHS Modernization Update



We are also able to share the following information about the progress and timelines of the project:

As you may recall, the initial plan was to move students back to the school at the end of Phase 1 of the project, which was anticipated to be completed in January 2021. To ensure student safety during construction and minimize disruption to student learning, that plan has now been adjusted so that students remain at the Centennial Centre until Phase 2 of the project is completed in April.

That means that students and staff will return to a fully modernized school in April. Only the theatre and exterior site work will need to be completed. 

For those of you who have been driving by the site and checking on the progress, here is what has been completed on the project to date:

  • Foundation work has been completed for the new structural portions.
  • New gym walls are currently being erected.
  • Structural steel is being erected.
  • Majority of major mechanical equipment is installed and rough-ins are ongoing.
  • Electrical rough-ins are ongoing.
  • Roofing is ongoing.
  • Parking lot work is underway with the first layer of asphalt expected this year.
  • All underground sewer and water work is complete.
  • Second storey is stripped of stucco and prepped for new cladding. New window cut-ins are complete.
  • Second storey framing is largely complete.

The final completion date for the project remains as January 1, 2022. We will provide further updates on the project when we are able to. 


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