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Driver training is back!

Driver training is returning to BCHS next year!

Through a partnership with Woods Driving School, Grade 10 students will be able to take the Driver Training LDC-3363 course next year as part of their Career Transitions classes.

“We’re excited to bring back driver training for our students,” said BCHS Principal Corey Baker. “Having a driver’s licence opens up a world of opportunities for our students, including jobs where having a licence is a requirement.”

The training, including the practical driving instruction, will all be done during the Career Transitions class, so students will not have to stay after school or set up appointments for weekends. There will be an opportunity to add extra training sessions outside of school hours for those who may want that option.

BCHS is also pleased to announce that it will be able to offer driver training at a discounted rate compared to what students would pay if they pursued the training outside of school hours.

In addition to working towards earning their driver’s licence, students will also earn credits towards graduation for completing the course.

Driver training for Grade 10 students is just one of the many programming opportunities being offered at BCHS next year. Grade 9 students will have the opportunity to take an accelerated math class that will allow them to complete Grade 9 math and Math 10C in the same year. They will also have expanded options in the afternoon due to the school being relocated to the Centennial Centre for the first semester.

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