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*Updated March 4, 2022

Eagles Food Drive

The Eagles hosted the first house event of the year. With it being Thanksgiving time, the Eagles hosted a food drive to help support our local food bank. As a reward to all the generosity the Eagles cooked a lunch, that was sponsored by Flint, for the entire school. Everybody was fed taco in a bag to celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanks again to Flint for their generosity and continued support of public education.

BCHS House Teams

Starting during the 2021/2022 school year, staff and students have been divided into four factions:

The Eagles

The Ravens

The Grizzlies

The Wolves

Our house teams are a fun way to encourage school spirit within the walls of Bonnyville Centralized High School.

Each month, one of the teams will be in charge of hosting two events for the entire school. Points will be awarded based on participation in these events. For the month of October, the Eagles are in charge of two fantastic school events!

Check back frequently for current tallies of our house points!