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Oct 5 - Election Education - Libertarian Candidate

Libertarian candidate Robert Mcfadzean at BCHS today discussing the upcoming election with BCHS students and staff. 

Oct 3 - Awards Day 2015!

Awards Day 2015  - Thank you to everyone who attended! BCHS students received over $100,000 in scholarships - Great job...

Oct 2 - Military History!!

Military History students have finished up their unit on warfare and culture in the Ancient World with a Gladiator Battl...

Oct 1 - Parent Teacher Interviews - Book Today!!

Parent teacher interviews are October 22. Phone the BCHS office to book your appointment today! 

Sep 30 - Farm2School Fundraiser!!

BCHS HOPE group ran a successful Farm2School fundraiser. 18 bundles of vegetables were donated to our local food bank. G...