Scenario 1: In-school classes

OUTBREAK STATUS: Alberta Health Services has declared a COVID-19/ respiratory illness outbreak at the school. More information can be found HERE.

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Mrs. Julie Hutchison

Student Services Team (SST) Coordinator/Social/Phys. Ed/CALM Teacher

Phone: 780-826-3366

Mrs. Hutch is our newly appointed SST coordinator, she also plays a huge role through out our school.  Coaching the boys senior volleyball team, helping to recruit and build our new Handball team she does everything with her heart and soul!  This past year we brought a new program to Duclos, our Youth Volleyball program which Mrs Hutch brought her volleyball expertise to some of our community youngsters.  Mrs. Hutch also teaches our Military History class which is super fun for the students.  Implementation of our grade 9 options class this past year was huge and Mrs. Hutchision was at the for front, providing cheer-leading, dance, advanced volleyball, gymnastics and lots of fun outdoor sports.  If you need some cheering up just look for Mrs. Hutch's super smile, its sure to put one on your face in no time.