Grade 9 Options

Industrial Arts  9

Taught by Mr. Serner, this grade 9 option includes introduction to 3D Printing and Design,  Graphic Design (Geared toward Print Industry - T Shirts, Decals, Signs, etc) and Woodworking.

Art 9

A variety of opportunities for artistic expression are taught by Ms. Friesen in this grade 9 art class.

Drama 9

In this grade 9 option class, taught by Mrs. Baker, students learn the arts associated with our drama program.

Fitness 9

Taught by Mr. Kozina

Cosmo 9

Taught by Ms. Breen

Options for Credits


Taught by Mrs. Gertz-Cummins, her art class offers a large variety of opportunities for our students.
Art 10: Students build their skills and develop their preferences for mediums.  Assignments are guided and focused on the basics.
Art 20:  Once students have taken Art 10, they spend a good portion of Art 20 experimenting with styles and pushing the mediums to their limits.  This course is designed to build confidence and begin to help develop the artist's style.  Projects are guided but open for the artist to complete in their own way.
Art 30:  Students use their developed skill to begin creating art with a message.  A "seed" is planted for the artists to run with their own ideas and have full reign on choosing mediums and topics of their choice.  This course is helpful for any student hoping to develop a portfolio.  
Art 31:  This course combines the creation of art with research and understanding of contemporary topics in the industry.  Students work through several units that include guiding questions so that students may delve into areas that interest them.  This course is inquiry-based and requires that students manage their time along with teacher guidance.


Mrs. Breen teaches our students about hair care, hair art, nail art, gel nails, acrylics, theatrical make-up, prosthetic make-up to help them find a passion for everything that is cosmetology.

Industrial Arts 

In Industrial Arts, taught by Mr. Serner, our students are able to take credits in Small Engine Mechanics, Welding, Sheet Metal, Graphics, Design (3D Printing), Electronics/Robotics and Woodworking.

Culinary Arts

In our culinary arts program, students will have the opportunity to learn a variety of aspects to head out into the real world. Our students will begin with learning the basics of kitchen safety, how to bake and cook simple recipes, and will advance through the program to prepare them for entering the advanced world of cooking and baking in a post secondary institution. Mr. Straile and Mr. King teach this class.


Drama is a challenging and rewarding pursuit, and who better to teach this class than our very own Mrs. Baker.  Learning about drama means learning a whole new way of thinking and of exploring the world around you.  As you move through the course, you will learn how to express ideas, take risks, and behave like a fool without apologizing (a key drama skill).  In drama, you learn about yourself and others by creating characters and situations.  Drama provides a powerful means of exploring the way people react and respond to different situations, issues, and ideas. The study of drama is valuable for students because it is an important form of expression and communication in almost every known culture, including those that make up our society.  In one way or another, drama touches every life.  It can be a source of learning and entertainment, a point of contact with others, an abiding interest, a career, or an outlet for creative energies.

Financial Management

Taught by Mrs. Vermillion, Financial Management is BCHS's answer to the question "Why didn't they teach me this in school?" It is a practical course that helps students prepare for life after high school and teaches students how to be financially literate. It focuses on issues surrounding budgeting, investing, credit cards, loans, personal taxation, and basic accounting. It also includes relevant information about how to start a business, sales and customer service, and buying and selling vehicles. Students have the opportunity to earn five or more credits and learn skills that will be practical and valuable after high school. This course incorporates many experts from the community coming to share valuable information with our students and provides opportunities for hands-on engagement. 

Sports Performance

Our sports performance program is taught by Mr. Kozina.

Outdoor Ed

Taught by Mr. Eliason, this class will get the students to learn in the great outdoors.