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March 2023 - Healthy Lifestyle

This month we are focusing on Healthy Lifestyle. This includes getting enough sleep, healthy eating, and being physically active. At BCHS we will be focusing on sleep hygiene. The Better Health Channel describes sleep  hygiene as, “healthy habits, behaviors and environmental factors that can be adjusted to help you have a good night's sleep.”  Sleep is an essential part of health for teens . Sleep allows teens to be at their best. Unfortunately many teens are not getting enough sleep. Teens who struggle with sleep often do not do as well in school and sports. The national  sleep foundation recommends that teens get eight to ten hours of sleep per night. Getting this amount of sleep helps with emotional and physical health , decision making skills and reduction in accidents and injuries. Having a sleep hygiene routine can help you get the amount of sleep you need.

Here is some more information about the importance of getting enough rest and sleep hygiene tips;

Sleep and Teens

Sleep Hygiene for Teens | CHOC

20 Sleep Hygiene Tips and Worksheets for Kids & Teenagers


For more resources, check out the Healthy Lifestyle page of the NLPS website.

If you would like me to connect with your child or your family, you can contact me at the school at 780–826-3366.

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